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Steffanie Pinner
Photography & Art
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I am inspired by psychological and emotional reactions and responses. This can be inside oneself,  triggered by others actions or lack thereof as well as social interactions. I also take a great interest sparking an emotional response in the viewers.

My images are not only based on my own personal thoughts and emotions, but by the possibilities of others. I explore alternate mindsets, and search for visual translations of them. I search for inspirational triggers in overlooked random sources as well as obvious places .

Through conceptual interpretation, there isn’t always a concrete meaning. I feel that this draws the viewer in as an invitation to be a part of the art. I aim to strike an emotional chord and begin a song of many verses, as each viewer’s interpretation and words are just as valid as my own regarding the images. Invoking a sense of personal interaction is a driving force behind my work, and it gives it a raw honesty.

I see photography as another language. A communication. It is a chance to hold many conversations with different tones and meanings, with many different people at once.

I believe that art is personal. It is putting my deepest self out for all to see. It is an invitation for all to know and interact with me. In putting it out there, I am never alone, the viewer is never alone, and a connection is made. A conversation happens each time one engages with the image.

Photography has been a passion since a young age. After receiving my associates of Fine Arts, I went on to study photography at the University of Southern Alabama



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